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Our Focus

We understand your requirements and provide quality works.

Web Development

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to develop custom web designs that boost your business.

UI/UX Design

Eye-catching designs for your apps that drive people crazy just by its appearance.

Mobile App Development

Customized Android, IOS and Windows mobile Apps with a user-friendly interface

Graphic Designing

Turn your idea into a full-fledged design. Spotted a trendy product in the market? Let’s help you.

AI/IoT Development

We Turn Your Business Smarter with Ultra Intelligent AI and IoT Solutions.

Digital Marketing and Branding

We help you to establish your online presence and help find your voice and image in your brand.

Our Hackerspace

We are nurturing a generation of tech entrepreneurs,  our hackerspace believe in Technology | Innovation | Mentorship | Entrepreneurship | Networking | Growth


We believe that young people have the power to change the world. Nectalab empowers young social entrepreneurs with the resources they need to make a difference. Ie soft skills development, mentorship, networking, and use of hub space, facilities, nectalab makes them investor-ready and help with resources to grow their business.


Nectalab supports high-potential startups to successfully scale globally. We help to navigate a new market, set priorities, develop a go-to-market strategy, and quickly reach your goals. Our programs are highly customized to the participant’s individual needs in order to help them enter international markets and succeed quickly.

Community/Event / Networking Space

It’s hard to build a business, and it’s harder if you’re not plugged into a community of people who can become mentors, partners, investors, developers, customers, and friends. A community of startups, corporations, and community partners who learn from each other and innovate together – there is something for everyone. Full use of our space for meetings, conferences, seminars, events, and training too.

STEM Training

We provide a space to think creatively, build confidence, apply knowledge to solve real problems and embrace the role of trial and error in the educational process by focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics


Our mentors are the guiding force in the innovation journey. Our vast network of enigmatic leaders shares valuable knowledge to groom the next generation of technology and business leaders.

Digital Media Training

We offer various digital media training ranging from basic digital marketing, content management to Advance photography.

Software Develpment

We offer end-to-end software solutions & IT consultancy.


Access to better technology, talent, business networks, and funding.


Developing Brands That Stand Confidently.


Find your space to create


Learning to Integrate Emerging Technology into a Broad Range of Learning Environments.